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  • SM Najam SM Najam Oct 20, 2007 17:08 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    To say that Hamilton isnt arrogant proves that you dont read press releases or interviews. The boy wants to be the HIGHEST ever paid driver, surpassing Micahel, in his first year. He dumps his girl the minute he makes it big whereas Schumi is happily married and never wandered. Schumi BUILT teams, Hamiloton inherited the best. Schumi competed against the GREAT Senna and beat him. Hamilton is fighting off an angry Spaniard who is being treated as a step child by his own team. In other words, IF Hamilton wasnt British, in a sport that is undeniably British, if he was German for example, he would be hailed as the most arrogant and classless racer for a long time.

    One last point. If McLaren has been seen to be cheating by stealing Ferrari designes, and stripped of points, how come its Drivers, who undeniably benefited from the same theft, are not stripped of their points? Does anyone imagine Michael getting away with that?