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  • VICTOR VICTOR Oct 21, 2007 18:12 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Schumi A legend ????? Oh I doubt it very much.............

    For all those that liked and supported Messr's Schumacher.....you are talking out of your arse!!!!

    Not only that, but you are all so obviously seasonal supporters and not life long F1 fans.
    I have proved many times to my friends who were so called F1 fans many times, how uterly crap he was as a RACING DRIVER, and that after he'd Sh1t on Eddie Jordan, and jumped ship "MID SEASON" to Benetton, and that other arse licker called Flavio Briatore (Another Puppet of the poison dwarf).

    Then he went to Ferrari, who manage to throw their toys out of their pram everytime they feel challenged, who made him their number one, so that his team mates, Eddie, Rubens and Massa, who were all better RACING DRIVERS, weren't allowed to beat him, whilst both he and Ferrari were allowed to cheat, due to having the fia and the poison dwarfs backing.

    Now I'm not disputing that he could drive, which is why he had to always be at the front of the grid, but he couldn't pass anyone. This is why Hamilton , along with others mentioned and that tosser called Raikkanon (as much as i hate to admit it) are better, and also why the likes of, Fangio, Piquet, Mansell, and the one and only Aryton Senna, are also such legends.

    Michael Schumacher Deserves NONE of his status or the Hype!!!!!!