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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 2, 2007 00:43 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Theduddles wrote 'so Prost was that good and not a cheat that he took Senna off to finally win a world championship............ Shumacher is the best the world has ever seen, he has been unorthodox at times but that does not detract from his sheer determination, skill and drive to win. i cannot beleive that anyone can watch his sheer brilliance and talent and dismiss it out of hand. I have enjoyed every second of Michael Schumachers career (even though I am british) and I am also pleased to see a young talent like Hamilton come along. Schumacher never took an easy option (unlike Senna who moved from Mclaren to Williams in order to have the best car and offered to drive it for free, leading to Mansell being ousted from the team!) Schumacher moved to Ferrari when it had been failing for years and look what he helped to bring. He is a rare talent and should be loudly applauded for it. '
    Is Schumacher better than Clark, McLaren, Hill, Stewart, Hunt or Andretti? We will never know as they raced in different eras under different rules and points scoring systems. Also Senna never replaced Mansell at Williams, Prost did. There is NO WAY that Schumcaher can be called the greaest race car or F1 driver ever because of the different types of the sport etc. In my opinion I have seen better drivers in club racing than Schumacher but for one reason or another never made it to F1