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  • A Yahoo! User May 14, 2007 08:08 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    I agree it is not just aboutthe stats but there is more to the story.
    Let us not forget there are many forms of motorsport and not just f1 but indy,nass,rally,moto,dtm and touring car these can be a more competitive series than f1 that is often viewed as to win and race let alone be world champion you have to drive a mclaren,ferrari or renault rather than a driver that can adapt to all racing ie mansell 1993 indy car season to win as he did on tracks he had never driven before and took pole let alone win the title in his dubut season and hold the f1 and indy championship title at the same time.
    Or some of the f1 champions that have been world champion on 2 wheels and not just 4
    -hence i choose not to accept all the schumacher hype that is rammed down our throats everyday as his statistics do not tell the whole story about what and how he achieved his wins.
    So maybe people should look at some past era's and give some credit to other drivers some who died for the sport as many bandwagon ferrari/schumacher fans have forgot.