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  • dimitris dimitris May 19, 2007 19:04 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    So you compare Alonso and Schu in cheating? Are you insane?
    When Alonso ignored (probably unintentionally) yellow flags in Brazil 2003, he was 21, inexperienced, first year with Renault. Besides flags are flags. You might see them you might not. There is not a single driver out there that has not had an incident where he did not see (or ignored flags).
    When people refer to Schumi as a cheat is not because of flags. It is because of racing incidents (when he took JV out in 97, the Monaco 06, team orders, and a lot more).

    However, all people say about what a cheat Schu was. Itmakes little difference. He did not win 7 championships because he cheated a few times. He did it because he was a great driver. As I said, is he the greatest? NO.
    Time will show that there are others that can do the same.
    I am sure that before Schu the same conversations were going about others. Fangio, Senna etc.
    Schu was just a bit more dominating because he was lucky enough not to have great opponents to eat up on his statistics.
    No difference between Schu, Senna, and other greats. He will be forgoten in 10 - 20 years when the people will be talking about the new domianting driver.