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  • to rude to say to rude to say May 20, 2007 16:57 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    yes certainly can the only reason why he won that many gps was because over the years the amount of gps a season as gone up their is only 1 the late great senna it took shumacher 200+ gps to get the amount of pole postions he did senna did it 160+ also he would not have won 7 f1 tiltesif senna had not have died in 1994

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    • You can't say that had Senna lived Schumacher would not have 7 titles. Senna died. That's it. It's like saying had Britain lost against the Luftwaffe we'd all be speaking German now. You just don't know.

      Seven world titles speaks for itself. Schumacher was the best in his era. A new era has begun now, without him. He did get beat, by the way, the last two years, although last year it was close... So it was time for hiim to retire and let the younger ones take a whack at it.

      Alonso, for example, is a great talent but like some Schumi-bashers, I'll take a whack at Alonso for saying "F1 is not a sport" yet he accepted the crown and all the money and glory that went with it. At least Schumacher wasn't a hypocryte.