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  • A Yahoo! User May 22, 2007 00:02 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Well i don't think there has ever been a driver as lucky as schumacher i am not saying he didn't have bad luck but in relation to other drivers he had very little,but team orders have some thing to go for if your team mate is holding up the rest of the grid why push your car to breaking point?.
    I agree with alonso it is not a sport just a fia circus to ensure ferrari win and in doing so ensure tv ratings over the world especialy italy and germany don't drop.

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    • Ther's no denying that Ferrari above all teams are the most important to F1, Bernie and Mosley would passively acknowledge that. But for Alonso to say that its not a sport for that particular reason was blatantly out of order. He wasn't complaining when his Renault had the best tyres in Michelin for two years because the majority of the teams were allowed to choose and therefore they chose Michelin above Bridgestone inorder to put Ferrari at a distinct disadvantage on testing.

      As for team orders, sure Ferrari and Schu stretched it to the max. But lets not forget that he also played second fiddle when asked. Most notable Sepang first year where Schu, coming back from a broken leg, completely blitzed the field and then intentionally went as slow as possible to (twice) let Irvine through who won the race! Now that's genius at work so why shouldn't he have had the greater say on tactics during his time?