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  • ROY ROY May 27, 2007 17:13 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    yes of course he can,how many times did he win on the monaco course then,this is a course that you have to win to prove that you are a good driver.
    have a look and see once !
    he could only win when someone is helping him by holding back any one trying to overtake him
    also the U.S.A. win can not be counted as there were only a few poeple in it they should have not run it.

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    • u pick one race and one specific track to judge a career that has streched this long?????? at monico;the qualifier usually always wins that race, in fact the race it self is in the quailifying. in future make a habit to know what you're talking about, you'll sound smarter.