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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 3, 2007 03:42 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    i don't care what Alonso's face looks like when he losses, at least he does not intentionally crashes the car against his opponents when fighting for the title, and he does not park his car in the middle of the track either when he does not wish anybody to take away the pole from him.

    you got it all wrong mate, Alonso won 2005 championship against a better but fragile Mclaren that was not properly looked after by Raikkonen (maximum attack, minimum brains, you know).

    and as for 2006, seems Alonso won it thanks to the Ferrari engine failure of Suzuka. short and selective memory you have mate, Alonso had an enginer failure two races before, in Monza, when he was in 3rd position after being penalized to the 10th place on the grid in one of the most infamous and arbitrary sanctions in F1 history (yeah, when Massa complained of the Renault turbulences 100 meters ahead of him, well done FIA, shame it didn't work out and Schumacher did not retire with the 8th crown, as planned by all the establishment)

    but you must and should remember that the championship should have been settled in Hungaroring, or you also forgot the wheel nut not properly screwed in Alonso's car, when he was leading the race comfortably and after he had lapped Schumacher?, that was a REAL race my friend

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    • i believe tht schumacher will never be replaced because there is no-one tht can cheat as gd as he did and now formula one is a much better place without him.

      alot of people hav left schumacher in the past and he will stay there no matter what he has done he wont hav a come back and be wecomed with open arms.

      and has anyone noticed they hav said tht schumacher is at the track but most of the time you never hear why he is there and what he might be doing there, so i think tht he is there for the publicity and nothing else.

      even if he does make a comeback out of retirement he wont be able to mix it tht well with the top guys he has gone past his peak and should stay as far away from an f1 as far as possible i dono what anyone else thinks but i enjoy the sport a lot more now then i hav done over the last few years now he has gone.