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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 2, 2007 23:07 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Not trying to sound like those F1 noobs who just read headlines, but Considering Hamilton has has always finished with a podium spot in his F1 carrear, even if it isn't 1/2 a dozen races into it yet, but his F1 carrear has started alot better that Schumachers, and he is so young he has the time to mature and achive the mentality that Schumacher had. By the time the 07 calender is over, we should have an idea about whether or not he can overtake Schumacher.
    I think that Schumacher didnt have as much competition later on in his carrear with Hakkinen out of the running.

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    • i admit the potential inside Hamilton, though i can not remember many rookies starting their careers in a Mclaren fine-tuned by a two times world champion

      i don't think we would see the same expectation around Hamilton if he had joined Mclaren last year, with a car that did not manage to win a race, i have a feeling that many people is overlooking what Alonso has meant to Mclaren revival, the usual thing in Formula 1 is for a driver to start his career with an Spyker or a Toro Rosso, Hamilton is doing really well on his first year, but let's not forget
      other good and young drivers with similar skills that do not have the luck to drive a winning car on their first year.

      so far, Hamilton still does not appear in any F1 ranks, we have to wait and see whether he can deliver the goods