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  • usmanq usmanq Jun 3, 2007 00:31 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Before Schumacher there was Aryton Senna, I remember after his fatal crash (God rest his soul) people said no one can replace Senna, true to some extent, but along came Michael, blasting every record possible, winning everything etc. Sure he won a lot of championships and a lot of races but I feel the sport is bigger than one person. The only reason he was so succesful was because he was very focused and because of the sheer professionalism and work ethic, similar qualities can be found in Fernando Alonso. The guys seriousness in press confrences (like Schumacher) is sometimes annoying but shows just how focused he is, never concedes anything to the opponent just like Schumi. Plus the guy is a double world champion even before 25. Although Schumi would be remembered for his brilliance just as much for his cunning & rule bending there will certainly be others just as there were before him.