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  • A A Jul 3, 2007 03:07 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    You show very poor understanding of motorsport and formula-1.
    Schumacher was a big cheater. That's all. Did you ever see Niki Lauda or Ayrton Senna on the track? That's called "Talent".
    Schumacher was a good driver and he goes to the history of Formula-1 as the biggest cheater ever. I hope no other driver attempt to become a bigger cheater - and I seriously doubt anyone would succeed as well in doing so - cheating and manipulating that was the main skill that set Schumacher apart from the rest. But best race driver - never ever. Honestly it would be better for Formula 1 to bin Schumacher' s points all of them. Fuel-rig manipulation, obeying black flags, pushing other drivers of the track - flexible wings on the ferrari... the list goes on and on - the strange delay in qualifying of Schumachers lap times (never resolved - a cheat for sure!). Do you think it was a lunatic running ahead of Hakkinen in the German Grand Prix? - Ha!
    - A good guess would be that he was paid to do so by someone in Schumachers mafia! Parking in Monaco - Ramming Jaques Villeneuve. Scumacher was never and will never be the best - nor should he be considered one of the greatest drivers.
    The greatest cheather and the worst sportsmanship titles goes without doubt to Schumacher. Finally he is gone. Hope he understands to stay away!

    If one is allowed to cheat like Schumacher any average race driver can beat the record - let's hope no-other driver shows so poor judgement. And would any other driver be so successful in manipulating Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley?

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    • You know what ...you're an idiot!-Ha back to you(respectfully) but ALonso is the cheater..how many times has he exited the pits on red lights and Massa is there to blame....how many times has he tried to ram Hamilton who is way better than him and in Canada-well Sato passed him and he(Alonso) tried to push him into the grass...oh and by the way-last season in Monte-Carlo because Nick Heidfield)a great driver) passed him in the Speed Trap straight what did the great cheater do? HE CROSSED THE SPEED TRAP!! to take his position back and he didn't let Heidfield pass nor did he get penalised...that's a cheating World Champion and he was lucky in both of the seasons that he won those championships. I mean it with total respect to you and Alonso but Schumacher as always the better driver!