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  • Racehound Racehound Jun 9, 2007 23:54 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    are you telling me you are not enjoying the f1 season as it is????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Fernando is the most naturally gifted driver since our beloved Ayrton was killed in that awful crash in a car with no steering at San Marino 1n 1994!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Fernando Alonso has been world champion for the last 2 years and BEATEN Michael Schumacher both times,is the youngest winner of a grand prix, youngest DOUBLE World Champion and if he wins this years wdc he will be the youngest triple world champion!!!!!!!!!!!!and then you got Lewis Hamilton who has been with McLaren for 9 years and is gp2 champion and wants to drive with the best!!!!!...without shoemaker f1 has suddenly becom,e 10 times more exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • The F1 season this year without Schu does seem a lot different especially due to Ferrari's indifferent form. But for sure its interesting to see the new talent. What WILL BE MISSED however is the brilliant drives that Schu could produce when the odds were greatly stacked against him (Brazil last year).

      There is no-one who can even come close to those types of drives on such a consistent basis. A lot of people say that Schu had the 'BEST CAR', well if they actually did some bloody research they would know that several of his championship wins were achieved using an inferior machine.