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  • MARK MARK Jun 11, 2007 01:28 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    yes....... he will be hamilton or some one like him... we said that about senna and shc came along.

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    • I do not think that Schumacher has to worry just yet that his reign may be taken over. Yes Hamilton is good but i think after the Monaco incident Maclaren may have acted in some way to make sure that Hamilton was in front of Alonso.
      Very few will ever come close to Michael but that is F1. Over the years people have always said the champs can not be bettered, but as the new technology kicks in year after year and the rules change,who's to say. If all the so called greats were to race now(at the same age as they were when they were champs) with the same technology and rules as they have now, who would be the best? Bruce