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  • HOWARD HOWARD Jun 12, 2007 17:01 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    I expect so. F1 will always provide 'the man' to match the current and developing technology. Through history, the 'uber-dominant' have been the ones who have been able to master the tech stuff and manage/assimilate its development. MS did it in his era, now the new guard are taking it forward. In 5 years time, F1 developments will have outstripped the capabilities of most current drivers, but there will always be a gifted/talented/hard working 'super driver' to break the existing records. Trouble is, in F1, things move so quickly (forgive pun) that yesterday's record isn't really meaningful today. Perhaps Karl Benz was a greater driver for driving around Stuttgart in the first car than MS is for all his world championships - he did it alone, in unreliable kit he'd made himself on unmade roads. In between, Stirling Moss's Mille Miglia is a triumph on crossply tyres, JYS in his era, James Hunt in his, and so on. Many of their records are far greater than MS bearing in mind the level of technology and billions of dollars available to current teams.