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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 12, 2007 23:05 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Well, i think that Hamilton has the ability to be more imprtant than schumacher,because when schumacher was driving there was no contestant and when alonso came, he beats schumacher immidiatly,so i think that schumacher is a lot over-rated, he is a good driver but over rated.

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    • Well if that's the case how do you explain a young Schu beating Senna 3 races out of 3 in an inferior car in 1994 before Senna's death? Sorry pal but your argument is flawed from all angles. Schu had contest but he just often blew them away. What, the fact that he didn't the championship every year of his career makes him a lesser driver does it?

      Yeh Mika won two and so did Alonso but for me the former was much closer a driver to Schu. Alonso had the benefit of GREATLY SUPERIOR tyres in 2005 (nothing any driver could do about) and 2006 was pure luck at the end when Schu's engine blew up. So next time look at the full facts.

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      • A inferior car what are you on about has it slipped your mind the banned traction control he used(perfect example his start in france) and the fuel filter being removed to speed up his pit stops(jos germany fire) these two items that were used later admitted to by benetton !!
        And yet senna still took pole in all his 1994 races !!!!
        So if you think alonso 2006 was just luck next you will be telling us his crash into hill in 1994 at australia was just a "racing accident" .... oh come on wake up.