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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 16, 2007 00:52 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    In 1994 the williams could not vbe set up correctly to get the best from the package followed by the death of senna last them all over the place and hill having only done one season prior and yet benetton being a settled team with banned traction control and a fuel filter removed....but for hill to take it to the last race and be rammed out of the race by m.s. after he bounced off a barrier say's one thing cheat !!
    1995 traction control and fuel filter still removed and williams were poor that season.
    Many years later at ferrari and we have dodgy barge boards and flexing rear wings team orders to a mickey mouse team mate and b team orders to sauber,marshals pushing him back into races and then there are crashes with hill,jv,dc,jpm and parking at monaco.
    And please realise ferrari had a mass dampner also but couldn't make it work aswell as renault so what option do they have??? if you can't beat it complain to the fia(ferrari's most loyal supporter).
    Yet the only driver in f1 history to be stripped of his championship position in 1997 and do a road safty course.
    What great champions have ever had this... none just a over rated cheat.