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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 19, 2007 20:14 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    I sure hope not for the sake of f1 because Shumacher was everything that f1 doesn't need, a cloune, covering many interess, like politics and financial business, that are above f1 interess. I sincerely hope that time is over and real drivers could make f1 be what it real means, the top of motorsport or it losses the interes in all. If nothing appends to Ayrton Senna, now he are asking the same but that was a real driver, playing the game in the same conditions as others drivers not like Shumacher that was always above the rules and no one ever do anything about that, how come? why they killed Senna?maybe because there is the only thing that stops there way? I hope that this new genaration will bring many competitive races and we will forget Shumacher very easy because others will come and move about without lies and covers. Why Shumacher retairs? was he affraid that Alonso don't let him win anymore? please don't make Shumacher a god because the real god was killed - A.Senna, by those how affraid him