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  • andrea andrea Jul 22, 2007 22:52 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    may be you didn't get the question dear shotraki.there will never be another shumy;never!!!!!!he was the best pilot this sport has given us F1 lovers!!!!he was every other pilot nightmare nt sparing FIA people like bernie and max and so on that they had to change the rules to try to stop him and give space to others!!!!!!did you ever notice?did you ever see any complain made from him?that's what makes him unforgetable and no one can ever replace him.what could he have done about it?he was the best !!!may be he should have take a holiday every two GPs and make other drivers and people realise that it wasn't his fault after all!!!!
    i think we shall all bend over and say thanks shumy you changed F1 for ever and we'll all going to miss you!!!

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