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  • roger hunt roger hunt Jul 20, 2007 23:06 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Will anyone ever be as successful as Michael Schumacher? i think not ,not in my life time.he is in a class of his own driveing skill.he has had his ups & downs like most of them do in this kind of fast sport.my wife thinks he is and will always be the master on the track ,if it be wet or dry.but they comes a time where you think (have i done what i need to do)will i think he has just done that.i also think he might or could make a comeback just like the rest who left this fab sport F1 and came back just 1 more time.but saying all that we do have a driver who so far is doing very very well even if he is a rookie,he has the same get up and go just like MS ,he still has a long way to go to beat MS but he is climeing the ladder fast (we know who i mean).i meet him at GOODWOOD and he was very nice to talk to (about 30 sec)he was so cool on that wet day and i think he will be just like MS' in it to win and to prove he can do it.my bet is on MS to come back and L HAMM to be num1 by the end of raceing in brasil in oct ..........unless or untill the court hearing in 1 weeks time ????we will see

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    • Hi Roger;
      Having just gone through ALL the posts, I am glad to see
      that with the exception of a handful, the comments are
      pretty darn well formulated.
      Especially comparing The F1 Forum with the German Bundeliga
      Forum, which is full of people who have apparently not
      grown into 'full length pants' as yet.
      Having driven SCCA for several years I am glad to have found
      this forum.
      Best wishes to ALL participants.