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  • black flag black flag Aug 15, 2007 03:55 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Schumacher's records will probably not be broken. He won several championships with inferior cars. He also transformed Ferrari from a perrenial loser ( 1 win in 10 previous years ) to multiple World Championships. His skill and longevity will not be repeated. We are very lucky to have seen Schu and Senna in the last 20 years. Such drivers are few and far between.

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    • Schumacher showed in his last race what he was capable of doing if he took risk and drove to his limits. He annoyed me a bit with that race knowing that he was just driving safely in the past 7 years and what we missed if he ever drove like he was capable of. But he is a family man and I understand.
      For those who compare Alanso and even Hamilton are mistaken because they just have to watch Schumacher's early F1 races and they will understand the difference in the class.
      Let us pray that he come back next season and excite us like he did in his last race.