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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2007 20:35 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Well, er, I really think that MS is one of the best champions of all times, but Fernando Alonso beat him fair and square twice with a Renault (which is incredible), so, to say, Will MS ever be replaced? . I see it as way in the past. With all my respect for the great MS. I know he was 7 times WC, but he was beaten, he did not retire in the top, lets do not forget that

    The question now should be Can Fernando Alonso ever be replaced?
    That is a hard one and I explain why?

    You need another boy as he was to start in a Renault and win twice with a car far from being the best machine out there, just quite reliable Now to replace that it will be quite difficult but will love to see it, I was hoping that Kubica will be that guy, situations like that are the ones that make this sport fun.

    Seeing Fernando Alonso in a McLaren or in a Ferrari is not exciting, so is not for me to see the wonder revelation Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren, that is way easy and boring too, at least for me and more over that, with the every day more evolve aerodynamic and the consequent impossibility to overtake in similar engine power conditions, bah.....

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    • In the past? MS beat Fernando for years until the tire rules changes in '05 which put all bridgestone runners at a huge disadvantage. The '06 season went down to the wire, with the more reliable Renault beating the suddenly unreliable Ferrari. Fernando's got a ways to go before he reaches MS status. Right now he's not even the best driver on his team, let alone history.....

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      • True Driver comparisons can only really be made when they have the same and equal equipment. The fact that Schu won so many races in inferior machinery or when at a disadvantage speaks volumes. Wet weather racing or racing from the back, it didn't matter because he was so consistent.

        Alonso (and Kimi) are all talented but have miles to go before they can even think about being in the same category as 'F1 Greats'.

      • I really do not agree with you Vicary, I will answer you with facts:

        A couple of videos to refresh your memory:

        1.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcpa_0LX_Xg&NR=1
        2.- https://youtube.com/watch?v=kpD8AcdxrlQ
        3.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVgk1HUy46g&NR=1

        And know, the facts:

        1.- Fernando Alonso is a Double World Champion and he achieved with the 4-5th most budgeted team.

        2.- in 2005, Fisichella finished WC in 5th position, behind both McLarens and a Ferrari, we all know Fernando Alonso finished 1rst, with the same car as Fisichella. Ferrari and McLaren have better cars, but not a better driver than Fernando Alonso. Ferrari had problems with their reliability but it is impossible to deny that McLaren was superior when they did 2nd and 4th, you can review in 2006 a similar situation in the finals, Fisichella ended 4th, after both Ferraris. Being rational and objective when the champion's teammate finishes 4th, it is unclear if the champion's car was better or not than the second best car. In this particular case (2006), we can assume that Renault and Ferrari were comparable (season overall, and including every aspect, such as tyres, reliability, performance, pit-tactics, etc).

        3.- It is almost impossible to compare yet Fernando Alonso with Michael Schumacher career, in time I guess, however, there is one similarity between Schumacher and Alonso: they both have born twice the responsibility of developing a crap car into a winning car. In one case, that car was not the most budgeted (Benetton and Renault), in the other, that car was an underperforming car in a heavily budgeted team (Ferrari and McLaren, with more job to be done in Ferrari at that time).

        Now last but not least I would like to address the fact that Lewis Hamilton is quite a rookie still and time will say, but he will never be compared with the greatest of all times because of his luck of being in the best team during his first season:

        Comparing Fernando Alonso to Lewis Hamilton is like comparing Jacques Villeneuve to Schumacher (As I read in another interesting post). Jacques achieved pole positions (and almost won) in his first race (thus better than Lewis). Villeneuve holds the "most victories on his first season" record (4 victories), which Lewis may match and possibly break, but considering the current situation I doubt it, but you can't compare Villeneuve then driving the best car on the grid with Schumacher's crap cars at that time. Similarly, Hamilton knows nothing other than having the best car on the grid in his whole career in open-wheel racing and therefore you just can't compare him to Alonso just yet. Once Lewis Hamilton do the things we all have seen Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher doing in the past I would consider Lewis Hamilton as a gifted driver with some magic to show, until them, for me he is a promise, a quick driver with strong nerves, so far, nothing more. Seeing aquaplaning in Germany was quite shameful and I have not seeing him yet performing in the whole season a single important overtaking.

        Now this post is loaded with facts Vicari, I am not fan of Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, I am a fan of Rossi, I am much more passionate for Moto GP, that is exiting to me. However I am a follower of the F1 for years and know the sport quite well so I can't stop myself from posting some sense from time to time in order for the people to rationalize the facts and stop being biased and emotional posting what they believe and ending their post with comments like:

        "Right now he's not even the best driver on his team, let alone history..."

        As a matter of fact Fernando Alonso is not just the best driver of his team, it is the best driver of the season and one of the top 10 drivers of F1 of all times, so please, if you are going to post your emotions and thoughts at least try to back them up with facts and get a bit more documented about F1 history