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  • AMANDA AMANDA Aug 30, 2007 19:27 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    yes i think schumacher will be replaced as f1's number 1 by lewis hamilton. i think hamilton has the Potentional to be f1's next number 1

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    • I dont agree with u, on Hamilton being the successor to MS, i would have liked to see him in the Spyker or Toro Rosso team, doing as good as he is doing now.
      Major difference between this young cat and people like Schumi and Senna: They drove and won grand prix using crap cars. Senna showed his skills with Lotus/Renault team, under the beating rain in Monaco, no traction control, old school gear box + clutch, and gave Prost a run for his money more than once, until he finally made it into a big team.
      It's been mentioned here a few times, Schumi started out with Jordan and then won GPs with Benetton Ford which was far from being as competitive as the McLarens and Williams of the time...he won races against cars/pilots that were much faster than him.
      Hamilton is driving a car that is the fastest right now, and really i think if u put Takuma Sato in the McLaren he would also do podiums, F-1 is all about the cars these days...and McLaren are a bunch of cheats who cheated this year by building a car around the specs of the Ferraris that have 20 yrs experience using Bridgestone tyres.
      Funny how last year they were absolute crap, and this year theyre on all the podiums!!! Please stop comparing Hamilton with the likes of Prost, Senna, Schumi, Mansell, Hill..... its total nonsense.

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      • I shouldn't call mclaren cheats,
        i hear ron dennis has lawyers looking at sites for people making false accusations.

        can you afford it?

        why shouldn't they be winning,
        they have 2 great drivers,
        does that mean when there is a change in pecking order the new team are cheating?
        next you will be saying benetton were using illegal traction control in 1994.hahahahah