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  • Dragana P Dragana P Sep 2, 2007 20:08 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Schumi cannot be replaced soon. Alonso might be a good driver, but he is a bad character. Hamilton is more acceptable for new champ. However Kimi, Massa and Ferrari are definitely my choice.
    Alonso should reconsider a little bit his behaviour.

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    • In all my years following F1 I have to say that considering driving skills and not number of WC I will vote easily:

      1. Senna
      2. Alonso


      Because both drivers are amazing pilots in dry and wet conditions ad additionally high skilled in tuning the cars.

      MS, I love that guy, long life to the champion, tons of respect and appreciation of his amazing career and amazing skills inside and outside the track, although as an skilled driver is not my top 2.

      From time to time a watch again the race of Hungary 2006, amazing to see Alonso to overtake in wet from position 15th to position 4th in just three laps, including overtaking both Ferrari in a narrow track


      Alonso that day gave a driving skills demonstration that we did not see since Senna did the same in Monaco in 84, with a Toleman under the rain from position 13th to 2nd and in Monaco!!!

      I have seen just to drivers with such a nerves and skills and as I said those drivers are Senna and Alonso. I is a real pleasure and excitement to see such a drivers battle in hard conditions and show their supremacy against equal and even better cars.