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  • lamont m lamont m Sep 3, 2007 05:27 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Are u serious? Alonso??? Last time i checked Schumi was called the reignmeister for a reason!! And u talk about Alonso being so quick in the rain, well it was easy considering for the past 2 yrs Michelins have been superior in the wets!! The fast Renault of '05 and '06 and Michelin tyres in the wet...what else do u expect? Think b4 u write!

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    • Lamont m,

      I am expressing my opinion, sorry you do not like it.

      Regarding Alonso, this year he, again demonstrate it in Germany, in the mean time most drivers were aquaplaning with the same tyres...

      Even performed a spectacular overtaking (best of the season) to Felipe Massa, with the same tyres...

      Your claim on the tyres is not accurate, Fernando Alonso is an outstanding driver, no questions about it. Last year the world did not have enough words to describe his driving skills and amazing achievement, this year it seems that the UK press is playing him down in order to push Lewis, which is just media games for me, the facts are the facts, they are right there in front of you.

      To deny the driving skills of Alonso is simply non sense, the guys have 2 WC and achieve it with an under performing car, in a team with the 4th budget in the F1 Circus, that is major. Fisichella has the same car, but he could not make better, why is that? He got different tyres?

      Lewis is a fast driver, and well skilled, time will say, he is challenging the best driver active in F1, and he is doing it fantastic, he may even win the WC, that is as well amazing, but again in two years we will see what Lewis will do and them compare, I have my cross fingers he will become an amazing driver, thus, we will have more fan watching races with at least 4 drivers with the guts and the skills to fight and win a race.

      I rest my case,