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  • A'LaF1 A'LaF1 Sep 11, 2007 04:54 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Schumacher is a fantastic, well rounded driver. I still believe Senna was the best. I watched Senna from his first drive in Toleman until watching live when he hit the wall at Tamburrello. Donnington Park 1993 is still the greatest F1 race I have seen, and will probably ever see. Keep in mind that Senna was 34 when he died; ancient as compared to today's average driver age, and raced only 10 complete seasons. In our life time, I don't think Shumi's records will be broken. But the good news is that race drivers are quite simply living longer; the cars are much safer and the drivers are starting in F1 much younger and staying extremely fit. We are going into a period that drivers will be able to race for 15 to 20 seasons. But if all 22 seats are filled with drivers racing for 20 years (and none break Shumi's records), then we have to wait another 20 years. So maybe on my 80th birthday...

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    • schumacher was a cheat he even admitted it you cannot put him in the same class of drivers like stirling moss who drove race cars when they didnt have fancy gadgets.shoe scum was also big headed and had a hissy fit when the better car beat him