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  • jonathan jonathan Sep 21, 2007 00:47 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Hamilton has already proved that he wont be anything like Fangio or Schumi

    He elbowed his way thru the top many times, and when FA makes the best of turn 1 at SPA, he cries like the little cry-baby he is that it wasnt faaaaaaaair

    this sports needs men, not children

    Seb Bourdais would THRASH him in the same car....
    and i cant wait to see him in F1, even in a red bull-shit car

    And who are we to say if hamilton's such a good pilot when he drives the best car of the season? didnt FA give him 9 seconds in the face at SPA? but theyre supposed to have the same car no?
    So before we rush to conclusions, i suggest we wait and see....

    Senna, Prost, Berger, Schumi, and more, all started with shit cars and showed they were champions...not on ITV news, but on the tracks, no complaining nothing....