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  • time t time t Oct 17, 2007 23:51 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    michael showed early in his career that he has great skill beyond any of the drivers of the same era and possibly other eras, however, when you consider things like team orders, and his team mates being MADE to default to him so that he can pick up the wins etc, im not so sure he would have acheived as much simply on merit ?
    whether you agree with me or not, the fact is michael has had many gifted wins, and team mates move over to allow him to maximise points, also and elevated to numreo uno status by ferrari, and when you've got the boss of the biggest F1 outfit in the world making sure EVERY single obstacle is removed so that you are free to win win win, including your team mate, then maybe he isnt as an amazing driver as the results show on paper.
    granted michael has so many great results and achievements, but how many would he have if team orders etc DIDNT exist to assist his title bid ??
    so, based on this i would say yes he can be replaced by other great drivers, but maybe with rule changes etc you wont see so many GIFTED results given to a driver !!