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  • Radu Radu Oct 22, 2007 12:41 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Never. He was the gratest driver ever. Remember his last overtake in brazil last year. He was just like Hamillton. He was the last. With all that handicap he managed to obtain place 4 at the end o the race. Hamillton didn't. At the begin of his career in formula 1 everyone saw in Schumi a great driver and a virtual champion. He was more than that. He is the champion of Champions. Maybe 50 years from now another champion like Schumi will be born. None of the drivers in formula 1 now can equal Schumi's performance. Schumi is , was and will be a GENIUS.I dream on the day i see Schumi racing again in a Ferrari.

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    • Of course he can't be replaced. Every driver has his own story to build up and Schumacher shines in a light of his own.

      There are two World Champions out there right now and they are both worthy drivers. Kimi is in a very strong team and he may be able to take a few more titles, though it won't be easy.

      Fernando Alonso will hopefully be heading home back to Renault, where he could again help to develop a winning car, as he has done for the last three years, and take it from there.

      As far as Lewis Hamilton is concerned, he's very fast if you give him a fast car. I hope Alonso is allowed to leave the team right away, so that someone else can prepare the car for the little genius, the one who played a substantial role in the string of McLaren shit jobs that served to throw away the driver's title.

      I hope TAG-HEUER are intelligent enough not to sign him up to advertise their watches. At Shanghai and Interlagos, Lewis proved that he certainly does crack under pressure.

      And if I were into that type of business, I'd launch a dairy line called 'Equality'. Ron Dennis would be excellent advertising Equality yoghurts.