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  • TW TW Oct 29, 2007 03:29 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    the only reason schumacher was as good as everyone says is because he is a master at cheating then covering his tracks so he doesn't appear to be cheating. ferrari are the same, they have the veto on most decisions that affect F1, and before the other teams get a say. many time we have seen incident's involving schumacher that have had alot of questions surrounding them but there's always some hare-brained excuse from the ferrari camp. micheal was able to intimidate most other drivers to which the result of this could be seen many times on the race track, mainly when he hit a back marker. these guys either quite suspicously jumped out the way very quickly (some might say too early) or for the ones who didn't move quick enough in micheals view, saw him barge down the pit lane after or radio the pit wall to get them moved. we have not seen that happen this season! my reply here is simple, NO we won't see schumacher replaced (or at least i hope not) as most drivers/teams aren't that corrupt. however as ferrai are still in F1 who knows maybe kimi will do just as well......