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  • Eddie Eddie Nov 10, 2007 00:12 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    We all know how it is in sports, there is the Kingpin and the pretender to the throne. In boxing there was Mohammed Ali then came along Mike Tyson who could have been but fell off the rails. In football there was Pele then came the natural genious from Argentina Maradonna who also was his own worst enemy. I'm sure the list goes on depending on what sport you follow. Schumacher is a genious and a hard worker. He was famed for spending hours with his team and discussing all the little details about his car and everything. This paid off for him as is shown by what he achieved. Some people used to say it just about a fast car but those who follow the sport will tell you it is more than that and there can never be a replacement. Maybe in a few light years when the settings are different and there is more technology and it's a different ball game. For now he his the Kingpin of F1 and I bet will be for some time. Like in every arena a promising hopeful comes along but sooner or later they accept there are those that deserve to be called greats and Schuii is the topdog.