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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 15, 2007 00:55 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    You answered you're own thread!

    Even as a mclaren follower, i have to acknowledge the magnificant achievements of Schui but also remember his indescretions. Replace No, but if anybody needed a point of reference to encourage the next generation to emulate, positive Yes.

    But different times and technologies make comparison impossible.

    Many will say that Schui had it easy for a period of his career and did not have any real competition. Does this dimish his achievements - No Way!

    He was a major factor in the creation of this dominance. In the future we will hopefully have a grid full of cars all capable of winning consistently, and if LH or indeed anyone else wins 3 crowns under that scenario, will that make them "not as good as Schui" simply based on the results? So many other factors prevailing at the time have to be brought into the calculation to even begin to appraise an answer.

    Do we need to replace him? No!

    His legacy will live on forever and nothing would be better for the sport than to have a grid full of Schui's in the future driving equally competitve cars.

    What racing that would be!!!

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