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  • Paul Paul Dec 22, 2007 12:25 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    that was mental wasn't it? i sat and watched that race and thought to myself ' i'm watching history here, this era is something that my children will tell theirs about' ... y'know, in the Fangio sense?

    he took a team that was maudling about the great times that went before, a team that was riddled with back stabbing, whispering and was all but structureless, then set about pulling everything together. the culmination being that race when Brawn simply told michael to put in fast laps and he did and won after four pit stops... mind blowing. coming back after his accident and having to drive slow to help eddie irvine get a shot at the title when it was so obvious he was champing at the bit to get fxxxxxg going (albeit after being caught out by montezemolo on the phone and being ordered back to work...he didn't want to race merely to aid irvine so i reckon was willing to sit the whole of that season out).

    his single minded pursuit of victory, his attention to every detail and his raw speed makes him a one off. you'll find i think that he'll be considered the end of an era. the young hot shots that are vying for absolute domination are all so alike in their times and abilities (with the possible exception of Raikonnen). nah' no one will beable to hang on to the crown long enough.

    shit though, did alonso go from hero to zero in no time at all?

    and i didn't mention lewis simply because i want absolute confirmation of his greatness by watching him for another season. if he really is that good and his performance of 2007 wasn't all adrenalin fuelled risk taking that all but paid off then maybe - along with raikonnen - just maybe he'll hold the title five times. next season will shakedown primarily to those two and god willing and engineering perfection willing it'll be that way for the foreseeable.

    Vettel's got a lot of raw talent as has kovalainnen but i'm just going through the driver line up here, they've all got talent (with the odd exception and possibly one or two of the yet to racers) which'll make for thrilling television, but i stand by my guns and say no one will make seven ever again.

    so what i'm saying is - in my round about way - i agree with you