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  • Grand G Grand G Jan 26, 2008 11:06 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    No offense to you or anyone else is intended. To think that all of the records will be broken by one single driver again any time soon is crazy. My formula1 friends, enjoy the fact that you got to watch a living legend in racing while he was driving... not read about him in books and see b&w film footage from the "old days"...
    Take it back to the days when he first started. If you think that in 1995, that he did everything because he got "help" from other drivers, you need to research the season. He beat, in those early years, some of the driving greats. He continued to dominate for 11seasons as the man to beat... everyone had to beat schumi at all costs.
    Records include the most wins in a season, the most career wins, 7x world champ, until recently the youngest ever to win the championship. most poles... most points in a season... the list goes on and on...
    I know there are good drivers out there right now... possible greats as they grow... but to do what this man did... my friends, that will take some doing... and I dont see a driver out there able to match all of the records Michael Schumacher owns