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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 29, 2008 23:53 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    My view is that it took in excess of 50 years for Fangios dominance to be eclipsed by the Schumeister. I think it may e possible in the future, but I doubt we will see it in our lifetime again!! (I hope not - unless he comes back of course):-)

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    • HANG ON GUYS AND GIRLS!!!! Gosh, some of you are really suffering from Schumacher brainwashing. Let's clear a few things: I am no MS fan, I don't dislike him either. He is undoubtedly a great racing driver, very skillfull, tatically advanced on and off the track. However, Schumacher is a great driver in HIS era. You cannot compare him to Senna, Mansell, Fangio, Prost, Clark, Stewart, Moss because they are of a different racing era.

      Please remember that MS was a champ in the era of driving aids (i'm glad that FIA are revoking some aspects) Whereas the likes of Fangio and Stewart won races on pure ability.

      Stewart commented on Schumacher's ability, this is what he said: "I've never seen a world champion make so many mistakes".

      Now he knows what he is talking about.

      Alot of you have become embroiled in a Hamilton vs MS fight. That is NOT the question.

      The question is can Schumacher be replaced? The answer is no, he can't because he is champion of his era and well done to him.

      However, if he were to race Senna, Mansell, Stewart in their era? Do you see MS leading the way by 10+ seconds. I don't think so guys, MS is no way as good as Senna or Mansell.

      As for Lewis, whether you like him or not he will win a championship. Will he win more than MS - I hope so because I'm British, but we'll wait and see. I woudl really like to see Jenson get a decent drive.

      Don't forget folks, it all depends on what kind of a race you like to watch. Personally, I don't find MS 10+ seconds in front of the field very exciting. I'd rather watch 4 or more driver battle it out. Racing someone is diffeent from driving faster than someone. Is MS a racer - I don't think thats proven.

      All your points are valid, MS is a great driver but he is not the greatest, the best or a king. However, I'd love to see him race again in F1 now.