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  • Anyone else out there jazzed about DC's time in the RB3? Ok, so he was on low fuel and fresh tires, and not all the teams were out testing but could this be a leap forward for the team and Mr. Newey's design? I'm hoping they can pull themselves up!

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    • Red Bull are fine tuning the RB3 into very competative car, if they can just get the reliability issues ironed out they will have a car that will at least get podiums, both DC and Webber are drivers I rate highly and are pushing each other really hard, so I am really looking forward to spain....

      Go DC

    • I don't think anyone - even DC himself - could get excited about 1 fast lap. I'm sure the RB3 will come good - it looked fast in Bahrain ('til it blew up), but one fast lap with an empty fuel tank and a new set of Potenzas doesn't give a decent indication of race pace.

    • they had a really bad quali in the last race for some reason but i think after we seen there rase pace we know they have found more speed or something with the set up. would be good if they have found more pace and maybe be pushing the bmw's. as for the time in testing i think its best not to get carried away with the times they do on the test track. every test you see things like this and wonder but most of the time during the race weekend you wouldnt know it. good luck to them though.