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  • SAM SAM May 16, 2007 03:36 Flag

    Schu would win this champ easily

    Yes he would, but then you'd get the same idiots saying how great the car is. Fact is Alonso is being badly shown up by Hamilton and puts his two Championship wins right into prospective. Its not so easy for him now that he doesn't have a BIG tire advantage, isn't using an illegal car that he (Renault) did for half of last season with the mass dampner and has a hungry and fast racing partner.

    Already he's crying & blaming Massa of dangerous driving!!!!! I tell you this guy is the biggest cry baby in the history of F1.

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    • Please wake up and remember the fuel filter that was removed in 1994 and the traction control or dodgy barge boards and last season the flexi rear wing.
      Maybe the simple fact is that hamilton is a great driver with the potential to be a multiple champion ? or is it just the simple fact you hate alonso as indicated in most of your messages??
      Perhaps the most dangerous driver in f1 has just retired having had so many crashes into others and wanting marshalls to cross oncoming cars just to push him back into the race ?? and let us not forget him being stripped of his 2nd in the championship 1997 !!!!!!!!!!
      The biggest cry baby in f1 has always been the ferrari team from all the history of tring to ban any team that has machinery that is superior to them.
      Or maybe you are just biased????

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      • why is every 1 on hear so obsessed with schumacher. yes he was a gr8 driver and without him ferrari wouldnt be where they are 2day but just get over it. he has gone. if it was any other sport he would have been banned for bringing the sport into dissrepute. 1994 and 97 spring 2 mind and then there are all the little things like parking his car during quily in monaco. yes he was gr8. yes he was a cheat and yes he can be replaced. alonso beat him fare and square in his last 2 seasons. (probly why he retired) kimi, jenson, alonso and now massa would give him a run 4 his money. just a couple years ago kovvalinan beat him in the race of champions in the same cars head to head. GET OVER IT, HE HAS GONE. HE HAS BEEN REPLACED

    • He has along way to go to match the crashes and antics the so called 7 times cheet champion has shown us and as for massa i am sure he is just over rated and in a good car.

    • I agree totally. Alonso is turning to be like Montoya. Blamed on everybody on earth when he lost. He is still young i guess and not mature but if he goes on like this, he will really be trailing behind Montoya very soon.

    • You are an idiot full of shitte! Schummi is a Cheat for life and Massa a blooddy Wankerr -he is still a fuckkin' teenager in his filthy nappies yes like yours as well! They need to be changed mate!
      Alonso is not complaining but observing how damned dirty all Ferrari drivers are.
      Grow up silly big mouth!
      Renault only used the damper in two races and then removed them knowing Ferrari were and are still allowed to use an infinite number of other illegal devices no-one can't that's how Ferrari win most races! See now why Ferrari and its cronnies always win. Eat your heart out stupid Kunt.