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    Is the problem Kimi and NOT the cars

    Kimi may be a great driver. Probably one of the best. However, his style of driving seems to be very detrimental to the cars he is driving. Could it be that the problem is Kimi himself and not his equipment. Could it be that Kimi will be the downfall of Ferrari?

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    • This year it has become clear that Kimi is just fast, but in F1 just being fast is not enough. He knows nothing about the car and how to save it. He will win races for sure, but no titles.

    • i agree...give the guy time to adjust...felipe didnt really impressed lots of people when he transferred to ferrari..people even have doubts that he will remain with ferrari but when he showed his capabilities as a driver winning two grand prix last year,its like saying to teh people that"hey i may not be as good as schumi but i can do good for the team"..

    • Part man part machine is to be blamed, the Mclaren 1 - 2 finish tells it all!

    • You are absolutely right about it , KIMI is the problem , not the car – I have to say it with a sense of agony as I think he is the best racer on the grid and much more able than all these ALNOSOS , he is taking chances , he is a brave driver and watching him drive makes you full in love with f1 again, but unfortunately he is just too aggressive and his style of handling the car just takes it to a limits where the machine can’t handle it anymore and that is why you get great driver but not a world champion . is he gonna bring the downfall of Ferrari ? , well.. I won’t be too dramatic about it , Ferrari need to fall anyway , no one can be absolute forever and they have been there for too long , besides , who else can do the job better ? , mark webber ?????, my god , the most over rated driver ever !, anyway it’s a shame about kimi and I don’t think we will see him wearing the kings crown , I think it will fall again to the hands of Alonso , who will make sure for all of us- petrol and speed junkies , that f1 will be as boring as possible , never mind about that anyway , I still prefer kimi and Hamilton is not bad at all , I praise hm for his exploits , he is the real thing , the complete opposite universe of jenson button or nico rosberg .
      Enjoy , Reni

    • maybe, but kimi is a great driver and ferarri is the best car. "when it comes to kimi and alonso its the driver. when it comes to massa and barichello, its the car."

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      • simple question

        who at the moment is the better of the two ferrari drivers

        this whole its the car thing is crap

        micheal was always better than his team mates because he extracted more from his car set up

        massa is doing the same at the moment against kimi

        as i remember irvine saying once micheal just took my settings onto his car and went a half second a lap quicker than i could and it is just demoralising

        if kimi wants to get on top of massa then he needs to take a few leaves out of the schumacher handbook and start getting a greater technical depth, senna, prost and schumacher had that understanding, which is why they have 14 drivers titles and numerous constructors titles between them

    • And the same Alonso who was trying to blame Renault, his own team, for not supporting him enough to win the championship because of his move to McLaren. Sorry this is not a personal attack on you williamsrenaultfw..., but Alonso should really keeep his mouth shut at times. He talked about Schu bowing out of the sport in less dignity than Zidane did in football; I mean who the hell does he think he is to give such opinions on modern sporting greats? He will forever be a cry baby and I would love to see Massa, and Hamilton for that matter, beat him silly this year.

    • He is a great driver, he is just unlucky on his last race at Spain. I predict he will win the race in Monaco and Ferrari will overtakes McClaren at constructors....

    • Then maybe we should not bother with two cars per team and just use the number one..... as that is basicaly what ferrari has done for years and years.
      Maybe alonso was correct it is no longer a sport.

    • Well this year there are no Ferrari team orders and if they were in favour of Kimi, they're quickly being dispelled by Massa. The best/fastest Driver will always want preferential treatment within a team and Schu wasn't the one who invented this, unlike what a lot of people think. If a driver has proven he's the best and still continues to do so why shouldn't he have the biggest say out of the two drivers?

    • How so? Please explain. Something about the way he presses the throttle that makes the alternator wiring fail? Perhaps he steps on the brakes too late and it makes the engine pistons fail? No, no.... I got it now. Its because he goes too fast through the turns and that makes the hydraulic pressure drop. Thats it! Right? I'm just guessing, but perhaps it could be BAD LUCK!! Perhaps.

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