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  • David David May 22, 2007 19:57 Flag

    Is the problem Kimi and NOT the cars

    Totally agree Keith !
    Notice on the news that Raikonnen is now saying he is being beaten by Massa because Massa has had time to get used to the Bridgestone tyres when he was using Michelin last year. So what were you driving on all through winter testing Kimi? What tyres did you have on in Australia? Didnt hear you complaining about Bridgestones not suiting your aggressive style then did we?
    As for his "bad luck" with mechanical failure, yes some of this kind of occurence is just purely bad luck, but when it keeps on happening to one driver and not the other you have to question whether the driver is contributing to his downfall-by his own admission raikonnen is an aggressive driver, but does that mean he is stressing the car excessively? There is no point trying to lead every lap when the only one that counts is the final lap,maybe raikonnen needs to use his brain more, his right foot a bit less and stop using his mouth completely.