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  • davee the rave davee the rave May 29, 2007 05:01 Flag

    Is the problem Kimi and NOT the cars

    simple question

    who at the moment is the better of the two ferrari drivers

    this whole its the car thing is crap

    micheal was always better than his team mates because he extracted more from his car set up

    massa is doing the same at the moment against kimi

    as i remember irvine saying once micheal just took my settings onto his car and went a half second a lap quicker than i could and it is just demoralising

    if kimi wants to get on top of massa then he needs to take a few leaves out of the schumacher handbook and start getting a greater technical depth, senna, prost and schumacher had that understanding, which is why they have 14 drivers titles and numerous constructors titles between them