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  • mark mark May 28, 2007 01:06 Flag

    Is the problem Kimi and NOT the cars

    You are absolutely right about it , KIMI is the problem , not the car – I have to say it with a sense of agony as I think he is the best racer on the grid and much more able than all these ALNOSOS , he is taking chances , he is a brave driver and watching him drive makes you full in love with f1 again, but unfortunately he is just too aggressive and his style of handling the car just takes it to a limits where the machine can’t handle it anymore and that is why you get great driver but not a world champion . is he gonna bring the downfall of Ferrari ? , well.. I won’t be too dramatic about it , Ferrari need to fall anyway , no one can be absolute forever and they have been there for too long , besides , who else can do the job better ? , mark webber ?????, my god , the most over rated driver ever !, anyway it’s a shame about kimi and I don’t think we will see him wearing the kings crown , I think it will fall again to the hands of Alonso , who will make sure for all of us- petrol and speed junkies , that f1 will be as boring as possible , never mind about that anyway , I still prefer kimi and Hamilton is not bad at all , I praise hm for his exploits , he is the real thing , the complete opposite universe of jenson button or nico rosberg .
    Enjoy , Reni