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    Bernie Ecclestone, what a #$%$

    Once again he is banging on about making start later in the afternoon for the eurpoean viewers, why doesn't he just keep all the european races on the calender and the true fans will be happier I don't mind a 6.00am start for the aus GP.

    Rant over, he really is a #$%$ though

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    • Is the latest rant by Bernie Ecclestone a very large bunch of sour grapes ('Maclaren should face heavy sanctions following their 1-2 win at Monaco')? Afterall Ferari did more than once and he didn't complain then. Just because another team use legal and safe tactics to produce favourable results shouldn't upset him. Re the origional qote, I agree

    • If getting up at 6am was the case then maybe i would'nt mind. The fact is the race was on quite a bit earlier than that, around 3 or 4am. So i should get your facts right. The fact is they would'nt have to start the race in aus any later than 6pm, then the time here would be around 9am. Now whats wrong with that.

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      • Hey....what about the fans in the U.S. I'm in California and have been getting up at 4 to 5 am for years to watch the races. In fact, we have a restuarant/bar in Balboa that opens and has dozens of fans for every Euro race. Come on you Brits, grow a pair. Or better yet, since your "bloody" pound is so strong, go out a buy a DVR. It's only a couple of races per year, look what we have had to put up with.

      • sorry you're right the aus race was at 3.00 am, I was thinking of Malaysia (which started at 8.00 am, but I like the grid girls so I watch the build up)

        My point is that most races are in a different time zone and fans the world over have to have a late night or get up early to watch a race, if you were in austraia and you wanted to watch the US GP.
        Not sure what the time difference is and I can't be arsed finding out.

      • For viewers and F1 fans like us, it is a sport. Let's remember that F1 GP is not merely a sporting event, it is a business for those sponsors and business people involved. Naturally, the higher the viewership, the better it is in term of exposure of sponsors' brand names and products.

        If it is going to be night race, I think 7.00pm which is good enough to strike a balance. If I am right, Mr Bernie, wanted Australia to hold it at 9pm. Sounds ridiculous to me. If I want to involve my family in the events like this, I would not want it to be so late. The children need to sleep early. It is Sunday night, the next morning, everyone has to go to work and children need to go to school.

        I feel sorry for the Melbourne organiser. They are already suffering from low attendance rate. With the shift to night race, especially to 9pm, the attendance rate will suffer even further. Furthermore, more investment in lighting is required. So, it doesn't make holding the race viable anymore.

        If I am the organiser, continue to run day race until the contract expires and forget about F1 in Melborne if night race is forced upon them. After all, it is money losing... who wants to continue to lose money in a venture.

    • well you just stated what i think - thanks !!

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      • I agree with some of what you say, and would underline the fact that much of the modern "Bernie" thinking is just about the money. Those of us who are quite ancient will remember F1 pre Bernie when you really didn't know if a GP would be taking place or whether you were going to watch an extremely small number of cars taking part in what could in some laughable cases be called a race!It is time for Bernie to move over as his place in the great years of F1 are assured, but please let's not get back to the bad old days when the teams called the shots and were perenially threatening to take their bat and ball home.