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  • A Yahoo! User May 24, 2007 14:24 Flag

    Bernie Ecclestone, what a #$%$

    Also I don't think night races will be safe, I saw the Moto GP bikes testing it, those lights aren't as good as they say and most of the countrys they are planning them in tend to be quite tropical so heavy rain is very likley in the evening which would ruin visablity even more


    Racing single seaters at night is no problem. They have been doing it for years in the US both on ovals and street courses. Lighting is not a problem as the night race at Houston in CCWS a couple of years ago proved. Also a few years ago they lit the parts of the circuit at Le Mans with flood lights for the 24 Hours and again the lights caused no problems with either the drivers or the marshals. I would be happy to marshal a night race but not F1 because of all the pointless inspections and politics that follow F1 around the world