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  • SAM SAM May 27, 2007 04:02 Flag

    ITV F1 Coverage

    Turned the tv on to watch the Monaco qualifying and what did we get. Hamilton blah, Hamilton blah blah, Hamilton blah blah blah. Now Hamilton's doing a great job in his debut year (or Alonso a #$%$ one perhaps) but my god what ever happened to impartiality?

    Also amazing how Steve Rider was STILL going on about Schu's infamous stoppage last year in qualifying saying 'how it nearly destroyed his reputation'??????? Sorry pal but the whole commentary team's living on cloud cuckoo land if they think that. Obviously, The DC incident today and the blatant intentional blockage of the car behind was held nowwhere near on the same level as Schu's misdameanor by Rider and Co, surprise surprise. Pathetic idiots and what a bunch of biased #$%$. Looks like that mute button may come in handy after all.

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    • I agree with you i don't think he can see past schumachers big head because that is all he goes on about.

    • This is so true...ever since the first GP of the season...never was it ever that hard to sit through TV commentaries..
      now i go to the pub to watch it, since they blast music in the background. I dont need no commentary, i can tell whats going on myself.

      By the way, Kimi overtook 8 cars, we haven't seen any of that (or was it 7). Other pilots actually overtook others i believe, do you remember any of it? no because all ITV cares about is to tell us how good McLaren is doing, showing us lap after lap of FA and LH. Renault did good on this GP too, but who cares right?
      This will eventually get people to not watch F-1 anymore, personally it's having a reverse effect on me, im now less and less interested in McLaren and their pilots. ITV will eventually succeed in making us want Ferraris to give McLaren a trashing so they can finally shut the hell up...it's THAT bad.

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      • This isn't really regarding ITV's coverage,but it has been shit for years and from what i'm told it's getting worse..

        Just wanna sent some praise to the U.S channel SPEED..I moved over to the U.S last year,so i know how crap ITV is..SPEED is totally different,they have 2 americans and 3 english guys doing all the commentary,pit walks that kinda stuff.( i think that the guys are ex-pit crew or have had some part in an F1 team)

        I have never heard guys get into the racing as much,since good old Murray Walker did BBC's coverage.There is no bias towards any driver(the american guys are always a little gutted when scott speed doesn't finish,but i guess they are used to that now) and they have such enthuiasm,wit and humour..It's a real shame english fans can't watch this channel..Really would make F1 worth watching,but also worth listening to again..

    • I personally record each Grand Prix then F/F each time Steve Rider or Mark Blundell appear,as for Ron Dennis he's true to form always supports his foreign Driver against his British one.

    • Your wrong. It's Lewis Hamilton. Please do not make this mistake again as nobody else in F1 ITV coverage is allowed to have a firstname.

      There is bias - we are all biased in some way its just a bit sickening they way they cling onto LH because nobody else is in a position to do anything. ITV - James 'I cant seem do to anything with my hair' Allen is just plain rubiish.

      It'll be interesting to get a view from a German on how the German media viewed Schumacher as his exploits...

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      • Hamilton has done an excellent job, but ITV's coverage and the politics within F1 could drive genuine fans of the sport away. We think in our house hold that James Allen and Martin Brundle swap hair on a GP weekends. Steve Rider is also referred to as 'Bouffont Boy'. An article in a certain British tabloid today referred to Mark Blundle as being the problem with ITV's coverage, this is rubbish. He together with Martin Brundle are about the only two worth listening to as they have some sort of experience.

    • note to itv

      when advertising the canadian grand prix lets just advertise it in the papers as the lewis hamilton roadshow part 6

      yes hes doing well but there are 21 other cars on the grid, shockingly including 3 other britons

      and p.s. get rid of james allen cos he is just plain rubbish

    • all of them ar so smug,and think they are the best try radio 5 live commentary it,s much better than itv :-)