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  • What a shock to see the fia are on the back of mclaren about monaco and yet did nothing to ferrari when rubens handed a victory to m.s. on the last corner of the last lap in austria !!
    Maybe the fia should just sponser ferrari and be done with it as alonso correctly stated it is no longer a sport.

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    • Ruthless on the track is one thing but parking to screw everybody else on qualifying is a new one.
      Yes his lagacy remains along with all the other cheating things he did.
      But that is down to the people to form there own opinion and respect them for that even if you cannot agree.

    • No problems. I was marshalling at Copse In that year and Schumacher went past me and onto the track 2 or 3 seconds before Hakkinen did. Schumacher would have won even if he took the penalty a lap earlier

    • So now your THE MAN OF REAL TRUTH are you? Maybe, just maybe its people like your goodself that are the 'biased' ones against sporting greatness?

    • No problem with sarcasm,just people who are biased and can't accept the truth schumacher is and always will be a over rated cheat-accept it.

    • Right #$%$s let's get one thing straight F1 is supposed to be a race NOT A PROCESSION it's hard enough to generate any excitement at Monaco without Ron"boring" Dennis telling his drivers to slow down.I for one am sick to death of people telling us before the "race?" that overtaking is going to be diffucult at this track or the other,of course it's diffucult if it was easy everyone could do it.The fans of F1 pay an absolute fortune to watch this rubbish The choice is yours F1 give us proper racing or pack up and take that bloody geriatric cockney barrow boy Ecclestone with you.The only question is when i'm watching this dross on a sunday afternoon is how long i can stay awake for.

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      • #$%$s?? with an ' in it . if F1 is that bad no-one is forcing folk to pay to watch it nor you to sit on yer sofa snoring yer box off while the procession is showing on yer telly. if ya dint like it dint watch it, then you could use the time freed up on a sunday to learn when to use ' and other symbols of punctuation in yer stupid comments on here

    • Well how do you feel now about your rant as McLaren have been exonerated? It was that useless piece of #$%$ Alonso moaning and crying again that probably caused Ron Dennis to enforce team orders......oh sorry team 'strategy'. You right on one thing though the FIA are a joke as they cant even enforce their own rules.

    • I agree we have watched some aweful ferrari team orders especialy during the schumacher era and nothing was ever done
      what mclaren did was just common sense.

    • Mr FIA is a muppet, I cannot suffer alonso but the simple fact is he was by far the quickest man in monaco, everytime lewis tried to chase him down alonso would speed off and set a fastest lap. This is why I cant understand all this rubbish about team orders, how can there be oders when the driver infront is so much quicker than the guy behind, its utter nonsence

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      • you have race teams so dint that make it a team sport? and if its a team sport then shirley team orders are part of it. imagine another team sport with the same set of rules applied to it,I.E. football... you have the ball and instead of being able to pass the ball you have to try and score on yer own..or doubles at tennis . its either a team sport with teams or its an individual sport, in which case why do teams need to field two identical cars?
        just more #$%$ thats goes towards ruining the whole being of F1. teams orders have alway been there in F1, didn't the great fangio once jump into his team mates car cos his wur fooked?

        " eh! come in to the pits please lewis the spanish #$%$ needs to borrow yer car"
        bernie has made the sport much bigger than it used to be before he took control but in doing so he has killed it off and made it the farce it is now.

    • FIA just want to appear that they are on top of something. But since we're at it, why should'nt they investigate trulli or DC for holding lead cars or kimi for hitting those barriers during qualifying. the point is, what the FIA is doing is simply stupid.

    • forgive me if im wrong but didnt the ferrari fiasco of austria force the fia into introducing rules against team orders and also they did hand ferrari a substancial fine with a suspended ban if memory serves

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      • Ferrari and Michael Schumacher did indeed get a hefty fine after the Austrian GP... but not for the team orders.
        They were fined for messing about with the podium ceremony - MS let Rubens Barrichello step on the top step. Now THAT's a criminal offence to the sport... (dixit FIA, not me).
        The FIA is just plain incompetent and don't know a thing about motor racing.

      • It does seem like the British press have influenced the FIA into deciding to investigate McLaren. Also Ron Dennis and Lewis Hamilton didn't help with some of their post race comments. But from the outside what the team did in asking both drivers to slow their pace makes sense especially at Monaco, as a 1-2 is better than nothing.

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