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    Bernie showes his true colour.(scarlet)


    Nice to see bernie showed his true colour in regard to the mclaren/monaco debate, quite clearly innocent until proven guilty is words he only has in mind if it were ferrari.
    How many times have he been interviewed and wanted a ferrari victory,maybe it boosts his tv ratings as if he ain't made enough from the sport as it is.
    Clear to see he still hates mclaren and in particular alonso who was correct it isn't a sport i think it is just bernie's little toy who he threatens countrys with not racing there if he just feels like it or doesn't like them ie belgium,u.k,germany,france and yet we get more asian races.

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    • Perhaps a little late for this thread, but in view of the fact that Bernie Ecclestone is now running QPR with the Ferrari boss, surely he should resign as F1 boss. This is surely a situation open to interpretation

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      • I'm not sticking up for Ecclestone.....I can't stand the man but I thought he was buying QPR with Flavio Briatore (not sure I have spelt that right) They showed Flavio at the QPR game at the weekend
        Also I think Ecclestone is a Ferrari man, he was always saying when Martin Brundle interviewed him on the grid at Grand Prixs how he wanted MS and Ferrari to win the race.
        The sooner he leaves F1 the better, the only thing is he will probably try and run football, do deals with Sky so that they will be the only ones to televise games. Whatever he gets involved with, he messes it up...just to line his own pockets

    • i think scarlet is no longer Bernie's color...i think it's gray with a touch of black and has a big sponsor vodafone...

    • Buddy, here is the message i was replying to....

      "do we ever hear of mclaren complaining when they are not winning no just ferrari and there fans.
      The biggest losers are those red cars who have had there glory and will soon go back down the grid and all there fans will vanish when they have nothing to sing about.
      I trust mclaren more than ferrari if you doubt this look at the history books and learn. "
      That was you wasnt it? Not one line there about Bernie, u seemed off topic completely right there...your stoopid post is only about Ferrari fans being the "biggest losers", the 'red cars' which will soon go back down the grid (really?? ill take you up on that) ...trusting more McLaren that you are allowed, but i dont get your s**t about history books. This is going round and round like im talking to someone who doesnt speak english...

      AND SO TO GO BACK TO THE TOPIC, yes we are all allowed -and rightly so- to trash Bernie, if F-1 is losing to other sports on TV channels it largely because of his mishandling of what should be one of the most favourite sports out there.
      No reason to go and bash some 'red cars' (or their drivers, or their engineers) for it either, there is NO LINK with Ferrari right there, you chose to make it and single people out for whatever Bernie does.
      If Bernie has a preference then maybe he is also allowed, that preference shouldnt play on the tracks, and it doesnt, isnt McLaren leading the season anyway? Hasnt Ron Dennis had 2 pilots on nearly every podium this season so far??
      So all you whiners and complainers should stop blabbering about Ferrari getting any form of special treatment. It's nonsense, you people need to get real.

      Some of you complainers come here to tell us the Hamilton/Alonso affair in Hungary also came up to help Ferrari... all those conspiracy theories make me laugh, really (to me it's similar to the stuff you hear about 9/11)

    • Because he openly stated he wants a ferrari winner can you not see he should of all people be neutral for f*c* sake pay attention to the original post this is not a slate at ferrari from me but the facts he has stated on live tv grid walks can you not accept that or are you just deaf???
      How can you thrash anybody when you are thick at sh**.
      Turn the volume on your tv up idi*t.

    • I was replying to your idiotic message!
      Am i not allowed to do so?
      You can go and slag ferrari off and their fans, trying to make us look like sad sad people who wont be around cause according to you we shouldnt have those red cars in the competition...
      Yea you're talking about Bernie, and you're not the only one thinking he's a #$%$... But why mixing ferrari in your insults? what does Ferrari have to do with Bernie???

      So go on slag ferrari off if you like (it's so fashionable these days!), but dont be surprised if people like me give you a proper trashing...

    • I heard a rumour that he was the brains (if that is the correct word?), behind the great train robbery, any thoughts anyone?

    • Well nice to be told by brundle that bernie was hoping for a ferrari champion this year in massa that just underlines how pro ferrari he should be neutral but then again he wasn't in 05 or 06 was he.

    • Let us not forget the £1 million he got gifted from the labour party and then when it got public returned it 1997.

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      • Ecclestone is clearly a Farrari man.....should be ashamed to call himself English (if he is) Hate the little runt As has been said he loves to try and hold the power over countrys as to wether they can stage a Grand Prix....UGLY GIT!!!! why don't he just #$%$ off, the sport would be better off without him