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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 25, 2007 04:23 Flag

    Bernie showes his true colour.(scarlet)

    do we ever hear of mclaren complaining when they are not winning no just ferrari and there fans.
    The biggest losers are those red cars who have had there glory and will soon go back down the grid and all there fans will vanish when they have nothing to sing about.
    I trust mclaren more than ferrari if you doubt this look at the history books and learn.

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    • you're such a #$%$..
      ...."history books and learn"...???
      #$%$ r u talking about boy?
      as long as there will be F-1 , Ferrari will race, and will get podiums, will produce co;petitive cars and will have talented drivers whether that gives you so much hatred or not.

      You want a list of pilots that have driven for Ferrari maybe? and the amount of victories they brought home? well then you go and learn now...

    • Lookup "renault mass damper" from last season and you will find McLaren as the intiators of the investigation.....
      Sounds like sour grapes to me, but you just keep the blinders on........

    • You hear Ron Dennis complain all the time.
      Whether he wins or loses.
      In that non sensical Gibberish he speaks.

      The Brit media doesnt like Ferrari winning, we know that.
      History book?
      Maclaren give me the creeps.
      How can ppl support them.
      A team founded by a Kiwi, that pretends to be English, half owned by Germans and Arabs.
      Rons bimbo wife even writes kids books where the red car is seen as the bad guy.
      Get em young huh, just like the Hitler Youth.