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  • jonathan jonathan Sep 7, 2007 22:17 Flag

    Bernie showes his true colour.(scarlet)

    It's just annoying to hear the same #$%$ about Bernie/Ferrari/Briatore... all this has nothing to do with racing.

    All the allegations of Ferrari being helped for years by Ecclestone are #$%$, the guy is allowed to have a preference. Obviously if he liked McLaren he wouldnt be able to say so because theyre all britts, along with another head honcho in Max Mosley. If he said he wanted McLaren to win then i think it would be much worse. But then who cares?? He doesnt drive the cars, he doesnt design the cars, as far as racing goes he is like you or me. And every team gets equal chances to win at each and every GP. That's fact for you. When the stewards decide to put FA back on the grid for what he did to Hamilton, you think that;s Bernie telling them to do so? You live in LaLaLand....

    If there is anyone this year who has had his #$%$ saved its Ron Dennis and his bag of cheats...

    So Briatore gets his hands in football and in england, so what? what is that going to change to what's happening in Monza over the weekend? NOTHING...its irrelevant to F-1.

    So all of you go back and read The Sun or some other #$%$ source of info you get your facts from if all you want to do is talk #$%$ about the Ferrari team...since this is what this thread is about im entitled to give my opinion....

    All this is rubbish talk, its nothing but #$%$ty gossip. Be useful, tell us where Paris Hilton had dinner last night.