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  • DJ G DJ G Jun 4, 2007 15:05 Flag

    Bernie Ecclestone

    So he threatens to take The British Grand Prix away,Showing his loyalty hey, made his money from us brit fans now gonna drop us,maybe time to dump him and his circus afterall its only a 3 team show the rest are bit part players, me thinks instead of looking at the circuits he needs to look at the rules and make it a more level playing field for all teams not just the big ones.

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    • Youre right. He's turned a great sport into a bad business. Time to drop FIA, Eccleston and ITV too!!

      Let's get behind the sport and dump the F1 mafia

    • I agree,but rather than get angry i will no longer watch races as itv is very poor with the exception of brundle and having been it the british gp in 93,94,95,96,98,99,01,04 also the gp masters and coys 50 years festival i have no intention to return,i don't blame silverstone rather bernie for going to far in the running of this "sport"? no just a global money maker for him and his friends when the true fans suffer.

    • For some reason the Poison Dwarf has had it in for Silverstone ever since Octagon took it over. He conventially overlooked the 15 year deal agreed with Brands Hatch Lesuire which won the rights for the Grand Prix. Then Octagon bought Brands Hatch Lesuire and also aquired Silverstone and therefore the deal agreed with Brands was valid for any circuit in the group including Silverstone. When MSV bought Brands, Snetterton, Oulton and Cadwell the Octagon group kept Silverstone so the 15 year deal stayed with Silverstone. All the Poison Dwarf is interested in is money. That is why Silverstone make a loss of staging the GP without sponsorship.