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  • Anacleto Anacleto Jun 7, 2007 00:38 Flag

    The best F1 driver

    Hi, I ve just a question for you, I'm italian and in Italy, where fairplay doesn't exist, people, that don't know the real mean of sport, think that in this life only Schumacher has been a good driver, a god of formula1.
    I'd like ask u what do you think, how is the best, for me is Ayrton Senna and before Schumacher there are a lot of old driver, Clarck, Fangio, Prost, Hakkinen, Mansell, Lauda, what do you think?


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    • I would have to say senna because he didn't require team orders especialy against prost 1988 or the first lap of donnington when his skill was there for all to see(for those m.s.fans where was he at the start and end of the first lap?)
      Also mansell must be in there also because of the amount of race wins and overtaking that required real "balls"ie mexico 1990 silverstone 87 spain 1992,but the real reason why i think he must be considered is his first year in the indy series to take so many poles/fastest laps and wins on circuits and circumstances when he had a 60"g" crash that crushed parts of his spine and had internal bleedingand still did the rest of the season that showed what a true racer should be.

    • i would hav to say senna, mansell or hakkinen these are how i think hav been the gr8s of formula 1. but there will be some reli good drivers soon like hamilton and alonso challengeing the gr8s if you see what i mean. these are going to be the new gr8s of formula 1 and not too many people can argue tht coz of there joint performances this season has been amazing. i think tht hamilton has a strong chance of winning the world championship this year but he has to up his game slightly, if he doesn't win it this year with the experience gained and all his track knolledge he will most likely win next year. but talkin about him winning the championship he hasn't won a race so untill people see him win a race or two people wont take him serious as championship winning material. trust me on tht he needs a few wins to make it possible kart racing is near enough the same i found tht after getting a win my fortunes changed quite rapidly.

    • ANALcleto..e` il tuo inglese che fa pena....faresti bene ad arruolarti in una scuola serale...schumitico non ha detto altro che "best regards" in inglese...perfettamente corretto, dopotutto

    • ihihihihih anche qui cerchi comprensione ihihihihih
      c'è un post sotto che ha oltre 230 risposte, leggitele tutte. 230 risposte per schumacher, di lui se ne parla sempre e comunque, non potete viverci senza :)
      best regards